Farrago [noun]
A confused mixture.

Farrago Festival mixes the many facets of contemporary electronic music with the unique surroundings of a 13th century castle ruin. Nestled on a mountain spur in northern Bavaria, Farrago’s carefully curated lineup will appeal to any discerning music fan from across Europe.

The core idea of Farrago is to bring an intimate atmosphere back to the today’s festival culture. We aim to achieve this through a couple of fundamental elements:

Firstly, limiting admission to only 700 people increases the intimacy of everyone’s experience, creating a real sense of community and enhancing the atmosphere within the castle courtyard. By hosting the entire program of music on a single stage and favouring longer performances over an overloaded line-up, each artist is granted the full attention of the audience and has enough time to express themselves through their music.

The other equally important ingredient has to be the location. The castle ruin at Schweppermannsburg truly is a special place. A stone bell tower sits as the centerpiece in the heart of the court yard, that will house three separate bars as well as the single stage. Patrons can savour culinary delights from a hand-picked selection of locally sourced food vendors and relax with ice-cold drinks under the shade of the old oak tree that grows within the castle grounds. With an upper tier within the ruins, this space serves as a superb vantage point to take in the majestic views of the surrounding countryside, or simply somewhere to take a break from the dance floor.

Farrago provides the perfect chance to simply go offline from everyday life, discover a blind spot on the map, make new friends and enjoy two full days of outstanding music amongst an international crowd of likeminded peers.

This festival is a collaboration of Berlin-based Sweat Lodge Agency and the local-grown promoter and event series ÆTHER, supported by Manfredi Romano aka DJ Tennis with regards to the artistic direction of the festival.