The history of the ‘Schweppermannsburg’, the home to Farrago Festival, dates back to the beginning of the 14th century.

Overlooking the ‘Lauterachtal’, a scenic valley in the upper palatinate area of bavaria, the castle began to fall into ruin after being attacked and abandoned during the Thirty Years' War.

After careful restoration efforts were started in the late 20th century, the imposing structure slowly recovered, now providing a little glimpse into the life in long past centuries.

How To Get There

via Car

Given the secluded location and thus very limited options for public transport, the festival site is most easily reached by car.

Simply take the ‘Autobahn’ A6 until exit 63-"Alfeld" or the A3 until exit 92-"Neumarkt i.d.OPf" and subsequently follow the signs pointing towards “Kastl” as well as our own “Farrago”-signs.

Navigation systems can be set to “Burgweg 1, D-92280 Pfaffenhofen bei Kastl” and should get you to the festival without problem.

We will provide sufficient parking spots in walking distance to the festival site as well as the camp site. Please use only the provided and signposted opportunities to park your car ! This way you can prevent any inconvenience for other guests and the town’s residents.

Do you have open seats or look for a ride sharing opportunity? Check out our Travel-Group on Facebook -> #farragotravel

via Train

The closest train stations are Amberg and Neumarkt (distance ~20km) from where a taxi can get you to the festival for about 30€.

However for long-distance travellers, our recommendation is to travel to Nürnberg Central Station (distance ~50km), which offers much more versatile train connections, and take advantage of our shuttle-service which will get you directly to the festival site and return you conveniently to Nürnberg on sunday.

via Airplane

The closest airports are located in Nuremberg (NBG, distance ~50km) and Munich (MUC, distance ~200km).

Our recommendation is flying to Nuremberg, where you can take advantage of our shuttle-service which will get you directly to the festival site and return you conveniently to Nuremberg on sunday.
The shuttles depart from “Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof” (central station) which can easily be reached from the airport within 10 minutes using the subway.

In case flying to Munich is your only option, you can either book a train to Nuremberg (1 - 1.5h) and proceed as mentioned above, or arrange for a car (rental or ride sharing) to undertake the drive (~2hrs) yourself.

For this purpose, we encourage everyone to check out our “Farrago Travel Group” (#farragotravel), where you can look for other guests to share a ride with.

Farrago Travel Group

Are you looking for a ride to the festival or do you want to fill empty seats in your car and save some gas money?

We are hosting a “Farrago Travel Group” where guests of the festival can meet and team up for the journey to the castle. You will also find useful tips and recommendations regarding travel options posted by us.

The group is private and actively moderated in order to maintain a positive, familiar atmosphere and prevent spam.


We offer a shuttle-service from and to Nuremberg, where a multitude of long-distance travel connections are available (train, airport & busses). The shuttles conveniently take you to the festival site on friday and will return you to Nuremberg Central Station on sunday.

Tickets for the shuttle-service can be acquired for 10€ (click here) and include the travel in both directions.

– Friday, August 18th (Nuremberg → Farrago)
10:00 | 11:30 | 13:00 | 14:30 | 16:00

– Sunday, August 20th (Farrago → Nuremberg)
09:00 | 10:30 | 12:00 | 13:30

Point of departure/arrival:
The bus shuttles depart and arrive from "Nelson-Mandela-Platz", the south exit of Nuremberg Central Station. Just follow the signs/explanations at the train station to get there!

Journey from Nuremberg Airport:
If you arrive at Nuremberg Airport via plane, you have to take the metro station "U2" in the direction of "Nürnberg Röthenbach". The metro departs every 10 minutes and takes 13 minutes to Nuremberg Central Station.
For more info regarding local travel, we recommend you to consult the "VGN" website: www.vgn.de

Coach operator:
The bus shuttles are supplied by "Schmetterling Reisen". If you can't find the correct bus, just look out for the blue ones with yellow butterflies on it!

Hotels & Camping

There is a small amount of bookable guest rooms in the village of “Kastl”, which is only a brief walk away, and many hotel options in “Amberg”, which is about 20km or a 15min drive away.

Our partners at Festicket provide package deals containing festival tickets and certain hotel/guest rooms. (find them here)

In any case we suggest securing your stay soon, especially the rooms in Kastl will be gone soon.


Camping is included in every Weekend Pass. A camping site will be available close to the festival location and will be open from friday morning to sunday evening.

The camping site is equipped with toilets, water tanks and electricity for general illumination/safety. Closer to the festival site we will provide WCs, showers and opportunities to charge your phones/other devices.

For all your basic needs the local supermarket can easily be reached (20min walk, 2min drive) during the opening hours (Fr, Sa 8am - 8pm).

A detailed map with all relevant locations is shown below: